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Condos and Townhomes in Hammond Bay, Nanaimo

Located between Departure Bay and North Nanaimo, Hammond Bay is a quiet community known for its natural beauty. The neighborhood has a phenomenal waterfront location, though most of the real estate can be found on the hillside. Condos and townhouses for sale in Hammond Bay are relatively new, offering sleek, modern designs and top-quality amenities. Most of the condos have spectacular views of the water and of the tops of douglas fir and pine trees. This is possibly one of the most gorgeous places to live in all of Nanaimo.

View the latest condos and townhomes for sale in Hammond Bay below or read more about the area.

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Hammond Bay Condos and Townhouses for Sale

Hammond Bay condos and townhouses are mainly found on Hammond Bay Road and up the hillside. Most of the complexes are new developments that boast luxury features and designs, like trendy interiors and ceiling treatments. Some of the most luxurious townhomes are upwards of $700,000, making them some of the most exclusive in the city.

These townhouses are built with incredible finishes that take elegance to the next level. They have ceiling treatments, as well as hardwood flooring and granite countertops. The spaces are designed to be open-concept, making them perfect for entertaining.

Since most of the townhouses and condos are located on the mountainside, they have unobstructed views of the Georgia Straight from the patios and terraces. These are the ideal spots to sit and relax on a warm summer evening.

Hammond Bay real estate offers so much more than just luxury townhouses. There are plenty of mid-priced townhomes that offer similar amenities and views. These properties make Hammond Bay a much more attainable neighbourhood for those shopping with a tight budget.

Although much of the real estate in this area consists of single-family homes, there are condominium buildings located on Hammond Bay Road. Condo buildings in this area are typically from the 1990s, so expect them to have large living spaces. These condos also have extremely large terraces that you can outfit with patio furniture and barbecues.

Living in Nanaimo’s Hammond Bay

The Hammond Bay neighbourhood is a unique area of Nanaimo in that it’s not completely North Nanaimo or Departure Bay. It’s somewhere in the middle with its own vibrant community. The neighbourhood is known for its natural beauty that stretches from the water’s edge to the mountainside.

Hammond Bay has tons of community parks that can be found down nearly every street and cul-de-sac. Some of the most popular parks include:

  • Neck Point Park
  • Wheatcroft Park
  • Pipers Lagoon Park
  • Bayshore Park

Many of the parks are located at the beachside, where locals like to launch kayaks and paddleboards during the summer. And because these beaches have relatively low traffic, they’re great places to go to relax.

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